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New!Vacuum Valve By-Pass P/N 7324

Allows for conversion to a manual fuel shut off.

Vacuum Valve By-Pass


New!Master Cylinder Bleeder Covers

This device will save time and money by enabling one person to quickly bleed brake lines using low air pressure.

P/N 7319

P/N 7320

P/N 7321

P/N 7322

7319.jpg (6376 bytes) 7320.jpg (7115 bytes) 7321.jpg (7062 bytes) 7322.jpg (7057 bytes)
1972 Thru 1981
Front Master Cylinder
1982 Thru 1995
Front Master Cylinder
After Market Rear Master Cylinder
Jay Brake
Thunder Heart
1996 thru 1998
Front Master Cylinder

P/N 7323 KIT

Kit includes one each of: P/N 7319, 7320, 7321 and 7322
Note:  Each P/N includes Bleeder Cover, Air Fitting, Gasket and Instruction.

Instructions For Usage